The winter refresh


Charles Blow pens our outrage
New York Times | Nov-Dec

If you were on the right side of history this election season and voted in the country’s best interest, then you’ll probably take solace in a recent series of columns from New York Times writer Charles Blow. In each edition, Blow thoroughly articulates the collective disgust found among millions of Americans and properly defines the opposition we must now act as in order to limit the amount of recklessness that seems inevitable.

‘Don’t try to force me to fall in line behind an unrepentant bigot’  

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod

Blow represents the majority, and we thank him for saying it like he means it, unapologetically. The only way we’ll thwart the rollback some would like to see in this country is for people like Blow to continue to speak truth to power. Keep it up, good brotha.

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