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Kate Brown becomes the first openly LGBT person elected governor 
Oregon (D) | Nov 8

While Election Day 2016 may have played out like a sick horror film for most Americans, a little good did manage to come out of it. One of those silver linings presented itself when the state of Oregon named Kate Brown, a proud bisexual woman, as its governor, making her the country’s first openly LGBT person to be elected to such a post.

Kate Brown Election 2016 Acceptance Speech

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod

Brown’s victory represents a win for LGBT people throughout the country. We can’t help but imagine all of the individuals, young and old, who have now been inspired to take political office and serve proudly in truth. We need that more than ever. In a climate where newly gained strides are being threatened daily, we need people in places of power and decision-making to serve as beacons of light who are capable of empathy and aren’t afraid to stand up against inequality and bigotry. We may have gotten it wrong as a nation on November 8th, but Oregon sure did get it right as a state. Salute!

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