The winter refresh


Bry’Nt, “Las Vegas” music video
From the upcoming album Bry’Nt Park | Released Oct 26

Anybody following MOSWN knows how much love we have for Bry’Nt, and like Luther told the guy he was singing to in “So Amazing,” we’ll gladly go anywhere Bry will take us. This past fall the veteran MC whisked fans away on a first class trip to Las Vegas via a new video for his latest single. In the five-minute clip, we trail a young woman as she journeys from desperation to lust to epiphany to regret.

Bry’Nt – “Las Vegas” featuring Esquire (Music Video) 

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod

In a time where regular bouts of doom and gloom seem to be the norm, hearing and seeing a method of evasion is nothing less than a welcomed gift. Bry’Nt uses the visuals for “Las Vegas” to reinforce his cautionary tale about taking reckless chances with our most precious commodity—life. He raps on the song, “You in the city of sins/No matter how much you put in/It’s silly for you to try to win.” At the top of the year, Bry’Nt elaborated on the concept behind “Las Vegas” telling MOSWN, “It’s about gambling with yourself, meaning trusting people, the type of activities you partake in, etc. It’s pretty much saying it’s not wise to gamble with yourself.”

Full of warning, and witty lyricism to go with it, “Las Vegas” is the self care we all need right now.

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