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A24 Films | Released Oct 21

By now you may have read, or at least come across, a number of reviews, think pieces, etc., about this year’s cinematic gem Moonlight. And for the most part, all of their assessments have been unanimous and spot on: this movie is f*cking amazing. We couldn’t agree more.

Moonlight | Official Trailer HD | A24  

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod

There’s never been a depiction quite like Moonlight—really, no exaggeration. One might think they’ve seen this kind of coming-of-age story before, but trust us, this is a first. We can’t recall a film in modern history that simultaneously tackles the complexities of black male masculinity, poverty, substance abuse, school-age bullying, sexuality, and bad parenting. Seems like a lot to process in one sitting, but in the hands of writer-director Barry Jenkins, Moonlight hits all the right marks and finishes as a salient moment in black excellence. If you haven’t seen it yet, get your tickets NOW.

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