The winter refresh


Freaky Boiz throw it back to Bring It with music video remake 
Self-directed | Released Sept 27

In typical fashion, hip hop duo Freaky Boiz went all-out for their latest video, “Make It Hot.” Tipping their hats to the cult classic Bring It, the comedic sendup will have you laughing and bobbing your head at the same time.

Freaky Boyz – Make It Hot  

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod

In what is becoming a string of remakes, the Freaky Boiz have created internet gold with their videography. From Friday to Saw to now Bring It, it’s always a fun time watching thier interpretation and creative spin on movies we all know and love. Back in June the pair shared they were prepping a new six-track EP which means we can only anticipate more videos in the near future. Bring it!

NEXT: Moonlight

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