The winter refresh


The Chadwick Journals return
Season 2, Ep. 1-4 | Released Jul 28

Indulging in intimate relationships with more than one person typically results in complications, and oftentimes, the hornet’s nest that can be a love triangle (or square, or pentagon, or…) shakes out to be a bigger, uglier mess than bargained for. After all, jealousy, and those goddamn awful feelings of betrayal, can turn even the best of us into monsters—a predicament plainly laid out in the second installment of The Chadwick Journals.

The Chadwick Journals Season 2 Teaser 

 Why we think it’s worthy of a nod 

Series creators Deondray Gossett and Quincy Lenear have long championed media space for narratives that are undervalued, overlooked, and marginalized. Their work (for which we offer an unlimited measure of gratitude) has helped set the table for portrayals of distinct experiences shared by many all of over the globe. What continues to put the pair ahead of the pack, however, is the precision and care that’s applied to their storytelling. Season two of The Chadwick Journals does not deviate. In fact, viewers witness an enhanced direction that moves beyond the expected identity crisis plot to a deeper, more universal, aspect of humanity. Gossett told MOSWN in July that the shift was deliberate.

“We’ve gone from talking about the proverbial closet to now exploring how we govern and maneuver within our marriages and relationships,” he said.

If season two is any indication of the tales to come, then we can’t wait to see what’s in store for season three.

Watch the premiere episode of Season 2 

Click here to rent the entire season

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