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By Deon Newsom  
06.15.16   3:30 PM CT

bout a year ago, Los Angeles-based rap duo The Freaky Boiz , comprised of Terrance Wilson and Pierre Phipps, broke the internet in typical form when they dropped a ‘Saw’ inspired video for their single, None. Thankfully, that was just a small taste of what they’ll be serving this summer as the band recently announced a new EP.

Arriving later this month, the new EP, Category Closed, features six tracks showcasing what each member describes as a uniquely fresh sound encompassing a range of musical genres.

“It’s different types of music and different types of things you can relate to,” Phipps explains. “One of our biggest challenges is trying to please everyone, so our overall objective when we were creating the EP was to have songs that appealed to as many people as possible. We want everyone to have at least one song that they like.”

The Freaky Boiz  
July 2 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos

Throughout their career, the pair has mostly existed in a sexually-charged hip hop space delivering dominating hits such as Jockin Em’ and Bounce. They hope that by changing things up a bit, the new sound will help propel them into the playlists of those beyond their core fanbase.

“We’ve always written about various subjects for other kinds of music,” Phipps says. “But our particular demographic likes certain things from us, so that’s the route we’ve taken until now.”

“We’re trying to reach a larger audience,” Wilson continues. “We love the LGBT community, but we want everybody to enjoy our music.”

Old and new audiences alike will have a chance to officially weigh in on the duo’s evolution with the preceding release of Make It Hot, the first single and video to be lifted off the EP.

Speaking on the video, Phipps says, “You’re going to love it! It’s groundbreaking and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

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Excitement for their individual endeavors outside of music is just as potent.

Wilson is currently set to launch a new apparel collection dubbed MADE Attire. The line includes t-shirts of assorted designs and will be exclusively available online this summer alongside their EP.

Simultaneously, Phipps is wielding his star power to influence peers and the next generation of young people through a charitable entity called The Royalty Foundation. The nonprofit organization seeks to promote positive images of people of color, especially those belonging to the LGBT community.

One thing the performers won’t be pursuing is another bout with reality television. Fans may recall seeing Wilson and Phipps in Signal 23 TV’s franchise spinoff ‘The Boyz Next Door LA.’ But just as viewers were getting hooked, the series abruptly ended.

“It was very interesting,” Phipps says reflecting on his brief stint with the show. “I’m not that TV type of person to be arguing and have to keep my cool at the same time. People sometimes fail to realize I’m from the West Side of Chicago, so I’m not trying to be in those kinds of situations.”

“For me it was fun filming and getting to know the other guys,” Wilson says. “But I definitely don’t plan on doing anymore reality series in the near future.”

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Right now the near future consists mainly of furthering their following.

“It’s a challenge,” Phipps says. “You just have to know your market and want to be mainstream. A lot of LGBT artists struggle with mainstream acceptance because they don’t make mainstream music. If I’m singing a song about sucking dick, straight males who listen to that can’t relate. They don’t even have to be homophobic. They just can’t relate. It’s nothing wrong with that type of music – we did it for a long time. But if you want to reach the world, you have to expand and make music for the world.”

“And that’s what Category Closed is,” Wilson says.

Wilson and Phipps are grateful to have each other to lean on through their grab for greater recognition. In an age where solo success reigns supreme, they believe their creative union has only strengthened their artistry and ability to grow.

“Being a duo makes us unique because few people are doing it right now,” Phipps says. “And it’s so fun. We recently went to Korea to perform and sharing that with someone who’s also my best friend is amazing.”


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