Kyhry Taylor — “I think it’s important for men to feel sexy.”

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Dealing with a devastating illness such as cancer can either break you, or make you.

Kyhry Taylor, whose former partner was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) a few years back, opted for the latter. And like so many family and friends of cancer survivors, Taylor used the lemon-to-lemonade approach as a source of strength. But in this particular case, an e-commerce shop with an empowering message for men would be the resulting byproduct.

“He had a bone marrow transplant and was losing a lot of weight,” Taylor says. “It was a big challenge finding sexy underwear that fit him so I decided to use my design background to create underwear for him, and that’s how Adonis by Kyhry started.”

Adonis—The god of masculine beauty.

Taylor describes the growing brand as a new line of sexy and modern underwear for everyday men. “I like to say it’s a mixture of Versace and Calvin Klein,” he explains. Last month Taylor unveiled the Spring 2016 collection which features bolder colors and sexier designs than the previous debut collection.

“It’s a big deal for me,” he says. “It’s our first push a year later at establishing Adonis by Kyhry as a brand that’s different.”

Adonis by Kyhry
Spring 2016 Underwear Collection

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For anyone wanting to question the necessity of a nice pair of underwear beyond the standard whitey-tighties or boxer shorts, Taylor has a bona fide answer ready.

“Whether you’re gay, straight, of any race, I think it’s important for men to feel sexy,” he says. “There’s a lot of brands out here for women to make them feel sexy, to make their breasts sit high, to make their butts sit right. I feel like men don’t have that. We want to show men just how sexy, confident and desirable they can feel by wearing our underwear.”

Adonis by Kyhry has underwear for every occasion.

“I love wearing my own products,” he says. “I wear our Show It Off Jocks at the gym because they’re more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the extra material bothering me during my workout. I also like to wear our Perfect Fit Boxer Trunks under my jeans and trousers because they hold everything in place and go with everything.”

Try Adonis today!

As Taylor moves into year two with Adonis by Kyhry, he reveals that the future of the brand is about expanding the product line and partnering with retailers nationwide.

“Underwear is our heart and the foundation, but we’re exploring the possibilities of venturing into swimwear,” he says. “I’m also working on getting our products into stores. You can only buy our products online, but I soon want customers to be able to purchase our products in stores, particularly stores in Miami, Atlanta, New York and DC.”

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