Bry’Nt explains his new album, track by track (EXCLUSIVE)

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Bry’Nt Park is like a fantasy world; I’m escaping everything I’ve gone through. 

by deon newsom        

When it comes to spitting bars, Bry’Nt can do no wrong. His magnetic flow and clever way with words easily puts him among today’s hottest rising rap artists. Equally impressive is his ever-growing fan base who knows no bounds when supporting his latest projects (and for full disclosure sake, we here at admittedly fall into that group). So imagine the excitement felt when Bry’Nt took to social media last month to announce the arrival of his debut album, Bry’Nt Park.


The much-anticipated set, due later this month (Bry’Nt is keeping mum on a specific release date), has been long in the making.

“It’s been a lot of setbacks as far as the recording process,” Bry’Nt tells recently. “I’m just happy to finally have it done. I feel like I’m graduating high school or college.”

With a résumé like his, Bry’Nt would be graduating magna cum laude. His efforts leading up to this point — two successful mixtapes, a gang of singles, and visuals that could rival any mainstream competitor — have placed him ahead of the class with flying colors. But just like any soon-to-be graduate about to venture out into unknown territory, the mystery of the next chapter can quickly prompt jitters.

“I’m definitely anxious,” he says. “You don’t know how people are going to receive music, ever.”

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The music in this case is a nod to decades past, heralding a forward yet vintage sound.

Esquire, the executive producer of the album, put his signature on every song,” he says. “It’s futuristic but very inspired by 80s pop songs and 90s hip hop. As far as the lyrical content, it’s a lot of break-up songs. I wanted to tell stories and doing break-up songs is one of those things that allow you to tell a story. I call myself the Taylor Swift of hip hop [laughs].”

Heartbreak and rotten love affairs may dominate the first half of Bry’Nt Park, but introspection carries the latter. Bry’Nt says many of the album’s ending tracks can be likened to entries found in his diary.

“I have a handful of songs where I touch on different aspects of my life and reflect on past situations,” he says. “I talk about all the situations I wanted to escape from and everything I’ve gone through, and trying to get to a better place which is Bry’Nt Park.”

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It’s only a matter of days before listeners are able to take that journey with Bry’Nt, and perhaps arrive at their own utopia. But to hold us over until then, we asked Bry’Nt to share commentary on some of the leading tracks found on his forthcoming release. Read as he pulls back the curtain and reveals how each one came to life.

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