Book Excerpt: Chris Cotton’s ‘Receive this Moment’

Read an exclusive excerpt from Chris Cotton’s new inspirational paperback

by deon newsom    

Throughout the past few years Maryland native Chris Cotton has collected personal notes. His intuitive tidbits on life, love and the pursuit of happiness have proven both cathartic and invigorating. So much so, the 29-year-old has decided to share his compilation of thoughts in book form, extending to readers an opportunity for self-discovery — a path he says he’s experienced while writing.

“Do not be surprised if some of my entries have your mind thinking in new thought forms and patterns,” Cotton explains in the book’s introduction. “Please believe, I have read plenty of these entries over again to receive enlightenment myself. That goes to show, a lot of the time I do not take credit for these creations; I’m just the vessel. ‘Let Him use ya,’ as some church folks would say.” is thrilled to reveal an exclusive sneak peek at “Receive this Moment” which is now available on Amazon. Check out the excerpt below and be sure to let us know what you think of Cotton’s poetic essay in the comment section. What did the piece say to you?

Excerpted from RECEIVE THIS MOMENT by Chris Cotton. Copyright © 2015 by Chris Cotton. Reprinted by arrangement with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. All rights reserved.

When Your Loved One Is Holding The Trigger

The person
who never emotionally hurt you,
never really tried to in the first place.
It is your thoughts & mindsets
about the situation that will bring
the protracted suffering
and lacerated heart pains.
That’s why an apology
sometimes feels like it’s empty.
That’s why you dangerously engraft
yourself to the offenses made
when they are repeated in your face.
The battle was never with the person
that you perceive was holding the gun.
Even amidst the cumulus clouds
of the breach in trust that
has occurred at the crime scene,
that cannot stop
the unfolding of blessings
that are consistently revealed by the sun.

The battle has always been between
the attempt in trusting
what’s outside you
for your source of happiness and safety,
verses allowing the commitment to trust
your true self for the possession of your
happiness and safety.
By stretching our faith in expected ends
to still be possible in our future to exist,
we expand
to see our pre-destined desires
brightly highlighted as our inheritance.
We will realize that people never wanted
to be the suspected murderers
in taking the life out
of the home of our sanity,
yet they gift us with the shaking
of our expectations to move towards
pursuing our real heights
and things of eternal vanity. [End]

“New Year. New Book. New Inspiration.”

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