Rev Up Your Fitness: Aaron DeGraffe teaches us how to beat a fall and winter workout rut

Maintaining a regular fitness routine can be difficult in the frostier fall and winter months@verbfitness trainer Aaron DeGraffe shares tips to boost motivation and help you curb an impending workout rut.

“The fall time is definitely when you want to recommit and get focused,” DeGraffe says. “Summer’s over and a lot of people lose motivation because there’s less skin being shown. People also become less attentive to their diets wanting to eat more comfort food. Pair that with going to the gym less frequently and you get what you get — more pounds.”

 Truth be told, for most of us, finding the discipline to exercise on a consistent basis requires a great deal of resolve.  Add the cold weather breeze of fall and winter, and suddenly the grind becomes that much harder. But don’t despair. recently spoke with fitness expert and entrepreneur Aaron DeGraffe for the ultimate guide on breaking through those devilish fall and winter workout ruts. Check out his tips below to find out how to keep your mojo fired up year round.

 Connect to a larger purpose 

Sexy abs or a firmer derrière may be the initial reason behind getting off the couch and putting down your Oreos this fall and winter. But DeGraffe suggests tapping into a higher aim when setting your fitness goals. By doing so you’ll create a more lasting catalyst for your cold weather workout sessions.

“It goes beyond aesthetics,” he says. “You should look more toward the long term. It’s important for you to be strong and healthy as well.”

 Hire a personal trainer 

A personal trainer is a great investment for anyone battling through a workout slump. DeGraffe says the benefits of having an expert on your side are abundant and can lead to more immediate results.

“A personal trainer can help you set goals and hold you accountable,” he shares. “You’ll have someone to design a program for you, to help with your meal planning, and to push you when you want to stop.”

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 Strategize your eating 

Nutrition is undoubtedly key. That’s even truer if you want to achieve a certain physical appearance. As DeGraffe puts it, “You can work out as long as you want, for as much as you want, but if your diet is crappy then it’s going to show in the way you look.” To help propel your progress, focus on a well-balanced diet. DeGraffe recommends having 5-6 modest meals throughout the day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner with small snacks in between. He also warns against too much sugar, alcohol and bad carbs (white rice, white bread, white pasta, chips, potatoes, crackers, etc.).

“Aim to eat clean about 80-85 percent of the time and then give yourself those cheat meals,” he says. “For example, if you eat clean 100 percent during the week, give yourself 1-2 cheat meals on the weekends.”

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 Opt for a circuit 

When you find yourself unable to make it to the gym, there’s a number of things you can still do to remain active. DeGraffe says the best form of exercise to complete at home is circuit training: “it maximizes time and it gets a lot in hitting the total body.”


Directions: Do each exercise for one minute back-to-back. Rest between sets for 30-60 seconds depending on your endurance level. Repeat 3-4 times.

The Routine:




 Chair Dips


 Maintain realistic expectations 

While working toward your fitness goals it’s important to sustain a practical sense of what your individual outcome will be. Bodies vary in many ways, and though you may be looking to replicate one of People Magazine‘s “Most Beautiful” or “Sexist Man Alive” contenders,  your reality could vastly differ.

“So many people are trying to get that perfect body comparing themselves to fake and unattainable images,” he says. “It creates a lot of insecurity. Embrace who you are and love yourself.”

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