Exclusive First Listen: Phylle, ‘Mr. Carter’ (INTERVIEW)


Phylle is back with a brand new album, “Mr. Carter,” and is cementing his grown man status with a titillating and sexier sound than ever before. With lead singles like “I Love Him” and “Boul” already making their mark, the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter is ready to show the world more of himself when his latest compilation drops this summer. Phylle recently sat down with MOSWN.com to share the inside scoop on his upcoming release, his feelings about the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, and the new season of The Boyz Next Door.

Hey, Phylle! How are things going? Since the last time we talked the Supreme Court handed down a decision ruling same sex marriage legal across all 50 U.S. states. I know you and your husband were huge proponents in the fight leading up to that day, especially in your home state of Georgia. How did you feel when you first heard the news, and how do you think the decision changes things for the LGBT community moving forward?

Man, it was unbelievable. It was watching history take place. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime when I was younger. Love wins! I think this sets the stage for younger LGBT people. It shows them that there is a future and something to work for and towards with your relationship. For the children of LGBT couples, they can see their parents have the same rights and treated the same under the law as their classmates’ parents. 

You and Antoine are among the LGBT couples featured in one of Hillary Clinton‘s campaign videos. That must have been an honor. Have you gotten any feedback from people who have seen it?

It was such an honor. I have gotten feedback from coworkers, and some people I haven’t talked to in years hit me up like, ‘I saw you and your husband in the commercial.’ It was great to be included, showing that marriage is important to Black men and women just like anyone else.

The Boyz Next Door LA has been quickly gaining more and more popularity. What are your thoughts on the inaugural season? And are you looking forward to the return of the Atlanta franchise?

I’m really excited about the growth. The more work Henderson and I do, the better it gets. Each city has different personalities and feels, so you know I’m glad the boys in LA get to share their story. Yes, I am ready for Atlanta to come back. It will be back in the fall.

WATCH: The Boyz Next Door LA | Episode 4 | Bottles Up

Are there any changes in store for the new ATL season?

There is a lot more in store for Atlanta. We have expanded the cast, so some people you saw in season one will become part of the cast. We are branching out a lot more this time around; however, it will be a similar vibe as season one.

You have a new album dropping soon, “Mr. Carter.” What sets this project apart from your previous work, and how does it represent who you are as an artist presently?

Mr. Carter is different because people are used to me being rated G. This go round I am a little older and married, so I am talking about older married people stuff (smiles). This project is different because this is the first time we really created music on the spot. Like we [went] in with nothing. No track, no lyrics, no idea, and [came] out with a song. That makes the music more raw. I didn’t have time to second guess and change words. It just is what it came out [to be].

What’s your favorite track from the new record?

Wow, that’s a hard one for me. Most people’s will be “Hashtag,” but mine is “Last Day In Love.” It’s a story that people rarely think about—that day when you fall out of love.

Tell us about your features. What made you want to reach out to other artists to collaborate this go round?

Well, I’m so excited I worked with Redris of course. He produced the album, so we always have to do a track. Then I have Nakylla. She is a female rapper out of VA, and one of my best friends since like 14/15. We were in a group, Khamellon, so we have history. I got her on “Love, Sex & Marriage” because after ten years her and her wife got married. I worked with Damien Crawford. He is another male singer out of NYC. I thought it would be dope to connect and see what happens, and “Dependency” was perfect for that.

After fans listen through “Mr. Carter,” what do you hope they take away from the album?

When fans listen to “Mr. Carter” I hope they walk away saying this represents me. I really believe strongly in connections. I hope people can see themselves—gay, straight, bi, white black, yellow, brown, whoever you are. I want people to see we all are more alike then different.

You recently shot two music videos. When can we expect to see those and can you offer any previews?

You know we really tried for “Hashtag,” it just didn’t happen. I was exhausted!! I promise I will though. So “Love, Sex & Marriage” will premiere with the album on July 31. Be ready ’cause it’s about to be a crazy ride is all I can say about the video.

Do you have any other projects you’re working on?

Well, Redris has an album releasing soon, “Set It All On Fire.” I am on the title track. The whole album is amazing. Also, The Boyz Next Door Atlanta will start taping in September. I am getting ready for this album release party July 30th. I hope everyone comes out to meet and greet.

You always give great advice. Leave us with some words of wisdom relating to finishing out the year strong now that we’ve entered the second half of 2015.

Thank you. My people dream big! Anything you can think, you can become. That works in reverse so limit your negative thinking and negative people in your life. Change starts with one. You are that one, believe, achieve, succeed! Thank you D for all of your love and support. I am grateful!

Click here to listen to exclusive snippets from ‘Mr. Carter,’ and make sure to purchase the album on July 31 via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other digital music retailers! Also, let us know your favorite track(s) in the comment section.

‘Mr. Carter’ tracklist:

01- I Love Him
02- Love, Sex & Marriage f/ Nakylla
03- Boul
04- Hood Kama Sutra
05- The Coming
06- #Hashtag
07- Last Day In Love
08- Love You From A Distance (acoustic version)
09- Chose 4 You f/ Redris
10- Dependency f/ Damien Crawford

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