Travis Demetri Talks New Reality Show The Circle NYC: “Everybody has their own story and it’s time for mine to be heard.”

Budding actor and media personality Travis Demetri is ready for his moment in the spotlight. The 22-year-old currently stars in the brand new reality series, The Circle NYC. Produced by YBN Entertainment, the show features Demetri alongside four other rising LGBT celebs (Lester “Newnue” Matthews, Damien Crawford, Tamara Williams, and Envy) as they navigate friendship, love, and their careers in the Big Apple.

“I feel like it’s something positive and authentic for the [LGBT] community,” Demetri says on the heels of the show’s first two episodes. “Right now I’m just hoping the word gets out and people actually see and understand the different stories that are happening in [the] show.”

Although Demetri isn’t a stranger to the cameras, previously appearing in web series like The Out Crowd, Young N’ Reckless, and The BuzZ NYC LIVE, this is the Bronx native’s first foray into the realm of reality television. Lifting the veil on his personal life initially caused a brief moment of apprehension.

“I was on the fence before signing on,” he tells “I was worried about people really judging me. This is a different kind of light. [You see] situations that people usually keep to themselves or there’s not really a lot of people around to witness [those] situations. I had to get used to [that].”

Demetri knows letting the public inside his world exposes him to new levels of public opinion; however, he’s still excited for viewers to learn about his journey.

“You see me grow [in] the season,” he says. “I am young, so people always underestimate me—I’m pretty much the underdog. I definitely work hard when it comes to my career. You’re going to see me try to work on my love life, and of course difficulties with friendships.”

Demetri connected on a personal level with some of his cast mates during the taping of the show. Familiar with each of them prior to shooting, his time with Williams in particularly made him feel more comfortable with the production process.

“Tamara is the type of girl that does not hold back,” the American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate says. “She made it fun for me. She’s loud and crazy, and we just get along. She’s a really good person.”

While he and Williams may have gotten along great, not all was peachy-keen between the bunch however. Demetri hints at possible feuds to unfold in the remaining ten episodes.

“I met everybody at different occasions outside the show [before filming],” he says. “So I thought it would be cool—keyword thought.”

But despite the drama that’s soon to play out, Demetri says he’s not taking his platform lightly. With the past few years bringing about an influx of LGBT-centered programming, he wants his story to be among those who challenge stereotypes and offer accurate portrayals of LGBT individuals.

“When it comes to reality I think people think of it as a negative thing,” he says. “Not all reality TV has to be about drink throwing and disrespecting people. To me reality TV can be fun and entertaining in a good way.”

In addition to The Circle NYC, Demetri is currently developing his own scripted series to premiere later this year.

Check out episode one below

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