Bry’Nt, ‘21 Missed Calls’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

It’s a big day for Bry’Nt fans. The multifaceted MC is gifting a new video for his latest single, “21 Missed Calls.” In the Rico Kinnard-directed clip, we see Bry’Nt continuing his indelible winning streak by joining forces with ‘Belligerent’ rapper EarthTone.

“EarthTone is the man!” Bry’Nt tells in an exclusive interview. “I heard his music for the first time last year, [and] I think he’s very talented. His delivery and style of hip-hop is very refreshing. He approached me about doing a collaboration on his newest project (New Balance), and of course I was on board. So in return, I told him I needed a verse from him.”

Referring to himself as the Taylor Swift of rap, Bry’Nt says he’s pleased with the response he has received so far from the track.

“I love it when people can relate to my music,” he says. “People still appreciate a good break-up song.”

The visual for “21 Missed Calls” serves as an enticing sampler for the much-anticipated “Bry’Nt Park.” While a definite release date has yet to be etched in stone, Bry’Nt says the upcoming compilation will be well worth the wait.

“All I can say is, it’s hot and I’m proud of it,” he shares.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to more videos from the the hip-hop kingpin.

“I definitely intend to have a lot of videos for [the album],” he says. “Hopefully, by now, people realize that each of my music videos are all linked together. By the tenth video I want to have one long musical!”

Watch the video premiere of ‘21 Missed Calls’ 

** Download ‘21 Missed Calls’ on iTunes here. And be sure to catch the official bounce remix (produced by Esquire) dropping in two weeks!

Bry’Nt is also starring in the off-Broadway debut of “B-Boy Blues.” The stage play, adapted from the classic novel by James Earl Hardy, tells the story of two very different black men falling in love with one another. 

“[It’s] interesting because how often do we get to see a love story about two men of color?” Bry’Nt explains. “When James asked me to play Kareem, I couldn’t decline. Kareem is that character everyone loves at first, but then hates by the end of the play.”

Bry’Nt admits he was a bit nervous at first.

“You can’t mess up in theater!” he says. “You only get one shot! And when you do mess up, you can’t start over. You just have to improvise and pretend as if nothing happened.”

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One thought on “Bry’Nt, ‘21 Missed Calls’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

  1. Dope as hell love the song I couldn’t wait to see what the video was going to look goes perfect together ♥️♥️♥️


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