WE ARE MORTALS: New urban streetwear brand says no to gender stereotypes

Fashion Designer Anji Becker readies debut unisex collection

Men and women have been taking fashion cues from one another for quite some time. Whether it be high heels (yes, men wore them first), slim fit jeans, blazers or fitted caps, the line between mens and womenswear has always been a bit blurred. And with a new wave of androgynous designers continuing to step to the forefront, that line is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Los Angeles-based fashioner Anji Becker is joining the ranks with her new homogenous clothing brand, WE ARE MORTALS®. The unisex line is set to debut with a capsule collection consisting of six interchangeable styles. Becker says the pieces represent her desire to eliminate the limiting ideas that surround gender in the fashion industry today.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create something that was highly wearable for all different types of people,” says Becker. “It was natural for me to decide to go with a unisex approach.”

The ready-to-wear collection will feature an urban-influenced aesthetic comprised wholly of grayscale color tones adorned with geometric graphics and liquid silver artwork from acclaimed international artist Jennifer Mehigen. Garments—which include wardrobe staples such as tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, kimonos, sweatshirts, and skirts—will be crafted in LA’s fashion district using ultra-soft cottons and recycled poly mesh, and will also drape well over multiple silhouettes through customized sizing.

Price points are expected to accommodate a mass market.

In addition to subverting fashion’s gender norms, Becker also wants convey a deeper message with her new line. The midwest-bred entrepreneur hopes MORTALS underscores the importance of conquering life’s sudden and often unpredictable nature.

“I came up with the name shortly after losing both of my parents,” she says. “My mom’s death was especially recent, and just really hard for me because she was so vibrant and youthful and really creative—a huge inspiration for me. I really had to learn a lesson on how short life is, so I’m always trying to remind myself each day that I am mortal and I have to live my life to the fullest and never hold back.”

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As the sexually ambiguous clothing movement persists, more and more consumers are joining public figures like Lenny Kravitz, Ellen DeGeneres, Jaden Smith, and even the young Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, in looking to designers and retailers to fulfill their niche shopping needs. Becker is more than ready to step up to the plate.

“I’m looking toward the future because what I see evolving is so many people embracing this idea of fluidity and really just being yourself without really needing to label your sexuality or identify as one specific gender,” she says. “We are all people, we’re all equal. We’re really not separate—gay, straight, black, white, men, women—we’re really just all humans inhabiting the same planet together.”

See more from the collection below!

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by Deon Newsom

** Click here to support the MORTALS Kickstarter campaign. Becker is seeking to raise $14,000 beyond the personal resources she’s already invested. The additional funds will help cover initial manufacturing costs and allow for selling through an online boutique and select retailers. For pledging, backers will receive exclusive MORTALS swag, along with a chance to pre-order items before the line’s official launch. 

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