‘The Boyz Next Door: LA’ Cast Announced; Super Trailer (WATCH)

Get ready for new boys and more drama!

Signal 23 TV‘s “The Boyz Next Door” is becoming a reality show franchise. The original series set in Atlanta will debut a regional spin-off this spring on May 31. The Los Angeles-based, 10-episode first season will chronicle the lives and careers of Brandon Anthony, BeBe J. Martinez, Aaron Kodak, Eros Alexander, Terrance Terrell and Prince Phipps.

“After the success of the original series, I knew it could not come to an end,” says producer and co-creator Henderson Maddox. “L.A. was definitely the perfect place [to expand].”

Maddox says the offshoot will continue to offer an alternative look into the lives of gay men of color that’s often missing in mainstream media.

“While it is a reality show that gives you drama, it will also show young men working in the LGBT community,” Maddox explains. “I want to make sure it’s something everyone can be proud of.”

The fellas from the “The Boyz Next Door: LA” are no strangers to the West Coast scene. Anthony, a New Orleans transplant, works as a local event producer, actor and health education specialist. Martinez’s résumé includes stints in modeling, music and dance. Kodak is a popular model, bartender and graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Alexander, born and raised in L.A., is a go-go dancer with a knack for pole dancing. And former Southern Illinois University Carbondale students, Terrell and Phipps, make up the famed rap duo The Freaky Boiz.

In addition to new cast members, viewers can look forward to the franchise’s first reunion show that is set to be taped in front of a live audience. The inaugural season will also spotlight the Be Brave campaign, an initiative created by Maddox to help foster relationships between gay and straight men of color.

“Be Brave is a message for young gay men to be comfortable within their self,” he says. “But it’s also a message for the heterosexual men in their life to be there for them and give unconditional support as they would if [they] were straight. I just feel like it’s 2015 and being homophobic in today’s world is played out.”

The campaign will launch in the second half of the season with a photoshoot featuring each of the guys.

As for season two of the original series in Atlanta, production will begin after the L.A. season ends. Its original cast — Larry “Phylle” Carter, Kahj Kenson and Moe Goss — is back on board and will be joined by four new cast members.

Maddox has other major plans for the franchise as well. He hopes to expand the brand to include a New York City spin-off and ultimately a spot for each of the shows on cable TV.

“We are working hard to make this the first LGBT reality show on a major cable network such as VH1, MTV, or BET,” he says. “I’m committed to giving my all until that phone call comes in.”

Check out the super trailer for ‘The Boyz Next Door: LA’ !

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by Deon Newsom

Drop a comment below to let us know if you’ll be watching on May 31. And who do think will be the show’s breakout star?

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