Singer-Songwriter Doug Locke Releases New Music Video For ‘KING;’ Exclusive Interview

Rising pop star Doug Locke released his debut EP, Blue Heart, a month ago. And now after earning high praises from the likes of Logo TV’s NewNowNextThe Huffington Post, and other outlets, the Houston native is offering a brand new clip for the inspiring track, “KING.” caught up with the talented musician fresh off his appearance at Hollywood‘s Club Moscow to talk about his latest video and more.

MOSWN: Tell us about your new EP, Blue Heart.

Doug Locke: Creating “Blue Heart” has been an amazing experience. I’ve spent the last year and a half working on this project to get it just right. The EP is dear to my heart, like a first born child. I’ve grown in many ways through the creation of “Blue Heart.” It can be likened to a diary of my experiences. It gave me a place to reflect, to experiment and to explore different elements of my personality. It was important for me to take my time with this project because you only have one chance to make a first impression.

How is this project different from other music out right now?

The beauty of this project is that while it is pop music, and accessible to many, it has heart. My songs come from my life and for each one I want to capture a story or a feeling. I enjoy working in Pop because it is very fluid and allows me to play in a diverse sonic landscape. The genre bending of “Blue Heart” helps round out the journey of the EP. Ultimately, the things that make “Blue Heart” different from other music are the ways that it is unique to me—this is my artistic voice, my experiences, my perspective.

What has the fan reception been like so far?

The fans have been amazing! I am truly honored by the way they have embraced me. I’ve enjoyed all the tweets, posts and messages of support. They inspire me to be bold and daring. The fun thing about putting out a versatile pop record is that there is a little of something for everyone. I just played a show in Hollywood, and to hear the crowd singing along with the newly released songs was incredible!

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