‘MILES + CAL’ Finale: Cast, creator talk season one

Grab your popcorn and get ready for the season finale of ‘MILES + CAL’! 

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“Don’t do it Miss Celie, don’t do it!” You may remember that line from a classic scene in the iconic film, The Color Purple. But those are also the words Albert Loman, star of the new web series MILES + CAL, used to describe this Wednesday’s highly anticipated season finale. The BOA|tv drama has been an online hit since it debuted last month, seeing a steady rise in viewership with each new episode leaving thousands of watchers wanting more every week. However, numbers aren’t the only thing that has made the season worthwhile. Veteran actor Tamario Fletcher (Miles) says the impact of the show has been just as rewarding.

“It’s been overwhelmingly great,” Fletcher shares with MOSWN.com. “I’ve never been a part of something [that has] touched [so many] people. As an actor, that’s what you want. You want to know you’re putting stuff out there that people are relating to and responding to in a good way.”

MILES + CAL, also starring JoVanni Colon, follows the experiences of Cal, a 22-year-old recent college dropout making his way in Los Angeles after he suddenly finds himself homeless. Through a chance encounter, he meets Miles, “his saving grace” and a lonely graphic designer dealing with his own emotional baggage. Together the two embark on a journey of romance that’s quickly tainted with the everyday stresses of life.

“The show is a love story,” explains writer and creator Lamont Pierré. “It’s very classic in [that] way, but it also has a very unconventional element as well. I like to describe it as an ordinary love story under extraordinary circumstances.”

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Over the course of the season, MILES + CAL has handed viewers intimate slices of life that while distinct to each of the lead characters, have been resonant with the lives of so many others as well. Now on the eve of the freshmen season finale, Pierré officially confirms a season two saying fans can expect more in the coming months.

“We’re still at the very beginning of their story,” says Pierré. “I see their story having a long shelf life. We’ll keep bringing it if they want it.”

As for the skinny on the big May 6 season ender, Pierré says he’s confident viewers won’t be disappointed. “You’re definitely going to leave [the] episode very satisfied, and you’re going to want see what happens after the episode.”

Aside from guaranteed plot twists and a generous helping of suspense, the finale will also set the stage for a heavier follow-up in season two. Loman and Fletcher say they’re excited about the more extensive storylines to come.

“As an actor, I do want to see myself progress and get more in-depth into Cal’s character,” Loman says. “We’re getting such good feedback, why not continue?”


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by Deon Newsom

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