HBO’s “Looking” Returns for a Second Season

Cuffing season is upon us. And with the cold weather months urging more indoor activity, TV networks are hoping to score your attention with their latest lineups. HBO recently announced its string of shows set to premiere this winter including the return of “Looking.”

Now you may or may not be familiar with the series. The half-hour dramedy debuted earlier this year. And while it received critical acclaim, ratings were lukewarm. But trust me when I say, this show is well worth the watch, and perfect for you and your wintertime bae.


What’s it all about

“Looking” follows the lives of three friends living in San Francisco. Last season saw the trio endure several ups and downs as they chased their desires in the all-too-familiar pursuit of happiness. Patrick (Johnathan Groff), the show’s central character, blunders his way through a dicey dating life, ultimately ending in a love triangle with his boss. Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez), the quintessential free spirit, finds himself unable to commit to a career as an artist, in the throes of a bitter breakup, and eventually homeless. Dom (Murray Bartlett), the eldest of the bunch, begrudgingly celebrates his 40th birthday while rushing to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant before getting “too old”.

Through each triumph and disappointment the comrades offer unwavering support to one another as well as copious amounts of unsolicited advice which makes for great laughs.

Why you should watch

“Looking” is beautifully shot utilizing the razzle-dazzle of big city locales. It actually resembles an indie film more than a TV show. But aside from great cinematography, its larger appeal is its sophisticated approach to gay characters. Even though just about every character in the show is gay, sexuality isn’t the main focus. There’s no cliché queening, no anticlimactic coming out or DL plot-line. Nor are the gay characters used as accessories, or the butt of jokes. Instead viewers get a chance to witness a group of ordinary men who just happen to be gay, like a large number of gay men (despite what prevalent media images would have you believe). Their lives are treated with a certain level of normalcy that reinforces we are all alike more than we are different. For that reason “Looking” is a breath of fresh air. Perhaps the only thing that could make the show better is more sex scenes—kidding.


You should give “Looking” a shot if you haven’t already. Mainly because gays don’t get many opportunities to see themselves on television beyond the usual stereotypical and one-dimensional roles. “Looking” offers quality entertainment along with quality representation. And if we want more of that, we have to support it.

When to tune in

The second season of “Looking” kicks off on January 11th at 10 p.m. In addition to the introduction of new faces, the show is venturing out into new locations and promising to dig deeper into the storylines of existing characters. The season has also been upgraded to ten episodes.

You can check out the trailer here:

by Deon Newsom

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